Is one of the divisions of Sates, an italian company with more than 20 years of experience that operates in the Heavy Materials Handling sector. It is the mind behind the development and design of the ROBIK LINE:
ELECTRIC TUGS, TOWS and PUSHERS for handling heavy loads on trolleys, wagons or wheeled.

Gamma Robik Q: electric Mover – electric Load Pusher

The Robik Q line is a complete innovation within the Heavy Handling Materials’ sector.

Robik electric movers can boast an elegant and compact design as well as a surprisingingly strength that can move up between 3.000 and 12.000 Kg.

When positioning the loads, the Robik Q lifts and moves the load vertically to the ideal position for maximum traction. The load to be transported is thus positioned on the top but behind the front drive axle.

Thanks to this principle, we have been able to reduce the total length of the Robik, making it particularly easy to handle, but with an impressive load capacity, reaching up to 40 Ton.

Robik is also designed as a shuttle/locomotive that can, through special interfaces, electrify trolleys to help moving the load.

Application fields

  • Trailers, machinery and various wheeled objects

  • Special industrial processes and industrial automation processes

  • Heavy duty trailer industry

  • Heavy construction mechanics

  • Industrial shipbuilding, Nautical construction and sea services

  • Aerospace industry, automotive industry, railway industry

  • Chemical, textile, glass and paper industry

  • Steel industry and metal carpentry

  • Plastic and metal extrusion industry

  • Production and assembly

Robik Electric Crawler: electric mover – electric tracked transporter – electric dumper

An absolute innovative product in the Robik line, Robik Crawler M is an electric crawler, electric tracked transporter designed to move and track loads in uneven areas.

Fueled by powerful and highly efficient electric engines, Robik Crawler M is the new innovative solution in the Heavy Material Handling field.

Available with radio-controlled driving, Robik Crawler M has been designed as a track electric dock leveler, in order to move trolleys, wagons or wheeled on uneven and irregular areas inside or outside of industrial and logistics areas, shipyards, garages, docks, bathing beaches or other where the land is often treacherous such as floor grates, dirt roads, sand and mud.

A very important milestone for Sates, that not only has widened its line of electric handlers with a surprisingly powerful electric mover and pusher, but has also designed Crawler M with a green philosophy in mind, open to renewable energies.

Robik Crawler M singles itself out to be a silent machine with zero emissions and designed to meet the most stringent restrictions on environmental regulations.

Application fields

    Caravan handling camping, Caravan towing garages

    Docks, garages, boat hauling for towing trolleys for boats

    Handling of towing pedal boats on the sand – Handling of towing boats and vehicles for Street Food – Food Truck

    Transport of materials in uneven and sloping terrain.

    Electric Dumper, material transport on rough terrain

Robik Q & Robik Crawler

Robik power tugs set new standards and boast multiple strengths



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