For narrow spaces

The smaller the size of the operating area, the more necessary it is not to occupy space required for the processes in progress.

Compact and efficient

It is in this situation hat Robik shows its full potential: the compact size makes it possible to operate even in narrow areas, guaranteeing maximum manoeuvrability and movement performance, and more efficient, faster handling even on long stretches.

Both indoor and outdoor use

For Robik, different equipment is available depending on the different flooring: from ordinary industrial concrete floors to the uneven asphalt paving typical of outdoor areas, for which a super elastic rubber coating is available.

In addition, for outdoor use in areas such as the shipbuilding industry located near the sea and subject to salt fog, or for companies working with highly corrosive agents, we can provide, on request, a special configuration in 316 steel, as well as cataphoretic painting to guarantee quality that lasts.

To reduce costs

We designed and developed the Robik with the idea of making it cost efficient, reducing maintenance costs by about 70%. Maintenance is minimal compared to other conventional machinery.
In addition, constructive improvements have been introduced to reduce investment costs as far as possible.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency measures include, for example, the adoption of Energy Recovery technology during braking, to recover part of the kinetic energy that can be used again for traction, increasing the autonomy of the Robik and offering the possibility to insert smaller, high quality batteries with Abt Power brand and Deep Cycle GEL technology (hermetic), thus also eliminating the relevant maintenance costs. Another major advantage is the reduction of the personnel costs: the particular mode and simplicity of driving allows a single operator to have maximum control of operations, without requiring the help of other people to continually check the manoeuvres to be carried out.

For safety

We’ve done a lot for safety! The radio control technology offers highly significant added value for companies, in addition to the considerable increase in safety, not only for the person in charge of the machine, but also for all other operators involved in the processes taking place in the area.

Radio control

Furthermore, the greater visual field available allows for maximum control over manoeuvres, while maintaining a safety distance in the area concerned. All Robiks are also equipped with safety devices, including emergency brakes with lights and sounds warning personnel of movement in progress.

For efficiency

Robik operates particularly efficiently, picking up and positioning the load repeatedly and quickly if required.

Simple to drive

To boost efficiency of use, an extremely ergonomic and functional radio control system has been developed for driving, designed to facilitate hand movement and at the same time to harmoniously reflect visual eye movement, making driving intuitive and simple.

The radio controlled solution drives every movement, guaranteeing maximum efficiency, acting directly on the traction, and using the same vertical load, with the centre of gravity behind the axis of traction for manoeuvring to obtain maximum response. In the same space, we act in counter-rotation with a differential result, obtaining a maximum operating effect, reducing the manoeuvring space by more than 70%, a strongly determining factor in areas where we are asked to supply Robik.

We have filed a patent for this particular technical development.

Made in Italy

Study, design and development are carried out entirely in Italy, specifically in Padua, by a qualified and specialized team to guarantee total control of the process and industrialization of ROBIK.
During the design phase, any stresses and critical issues due to use in particularly harsh conditions were also taken into account. Special load and stress tests were then carried out on the materials to prove their resistance and durability over time even in harsh conditions.
For this reason, in the development phase we included the best solutions of mechanical engineering and modern electronic technology and used only quality materials, thus resulting in the creation of the Robik Q and Robik Crawler range.


The suppliers have been carefully selected with the aim of guaranteeing the best reliability of the products. Not only that, these partners were sought on the basis of some requirements considered fundamental for a principle of sustainability, such as localization in the national to bring value to the territory and within a radius of less than 100 km from our headquarters to reduce the impact on traffic and in pollution, the use of modern, quality production processes to reduce waste.
Robik products, CE certified, stand out for their advanced components, attention to design and attention to detail. Quality, safety and reliability are fundamental values for Sates Electric Handling.


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