Robik Crawler M

Model characteristics
Towing and pushing on level ground: +/-7,805 (N)
Lifting on level ground: +/-7,412 (N)
613 kg
Dimensions radio control version: 1328x798x491mm
Dimensions  joystick version: 1495x798x491mm;
Height joystick: 1021mm

After three years of building up and tests in uneven areas such as sand and beaches, SATES has given birth in 2022 to the mini electric crawler transporter Robik Crawler M, completely made in Italy.

Robik Crawler M is the innovative solution of electric heavy handling. Available in two versions, one with remote radio control guide and one with remote control via joystick, Robik Crawler M is designed as a multi utility tracked electric dock leveler used to move and transport heavy loads in uneven areas, inside or outside logistic constructions sites as in shipyards, garages, docks, bathing beaches or other where the land is often treacherous such as floor grates, dirt roads, sand and mud.

A very important milestone for Sates, that not only has widened its line of electric handlers with a surprisingly powerful electric hauler and pusher, but has also designed the Robik Crawler M with a green philosophy in mind, open to renewable energies.

This electric crawler singles itself out to be a very silent machine, with zero emissions and designed to meet the most stringent restrictions on environmental regulations of construction sites, beaches or urban centers.

Watch Robik in action on YouTube


General characteristics

  • Power supply dc

  • CE certification

  • Patent filed

  • Steel frame, polyester powder coating

  • Colour green and black

  • Guida Radio comando o Joystick

  • Max. forward/reverse speed 4km/h

  • External battery charger

  • It can carry up to 450kg of heavy loads on the top.

Application fields

    Caravan handling camping
    Caravan towing garages

    Boat hauling for towing trolleys for boats

    Handling of towing pedal boats on the sand
    Handling of towing boats and vehicles for Street Food
    Food Truck

    Transport of materials in uneven and sloping terrain

    Electric Dumper
    aterial transport on rough terrain.


  • Silent electric crawler

  • Zero emissions

  • Respectful of environmental restrictions

  • Complete control of the vehicle

  • Maximum safety

  • Maximum power

  • Multi functional:
    Electric tractor function
    Electric towing function
    Electric crawler function
    Electric dumper function
    Electric wheelbarrow function

  • No more than 80 cm wide, the minimum condition to pass through doors

  • Made in Italy


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