Robik Q30 TVC

Model characteristics
Towing and pushing on level ground: +/-10.000 kg
Lifting on level ground: +/-3.000 kg
Weight: 527 kg
Dimensions (WxWxH1xH2) H1 and H2 rudder

Robik Q30 TVC is the new compact, powerful and safe electric handling solution created by Sates as a response to the need of operators in the shipbuilding sector to move increasingly expensive and high-tech boats with precision and maximum safety.

This electric tug and electric pusher with guide with rudder with Synchronized Steering System is able to easily move boats that are in the potting by impressing precise trajectories and at the same time reducing, if not eliminating at all, the drifts out of trajectory in the potting, simplifying maneuvers which were previously complex.

Robik Q30 TVC is designed not only for the nautical sector, but also for the industrial world: the use of this special rudder with Synchronized Steering System can help even the less experienced operators, simplifying and speeding up material handling operations withing the production processes and the logistic areas of the industries, reducing costs and increasing operations.

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General characteristics

  • Power supply 24V dc

  • CE certification

  • Patent filed

  • Steel frame, polyester powder coating

  • Colour Anthracite grey and orange

  • Radio control

  • Max. forward/reverse speed 3km/h

  • Trailer hitch on request

  • External battery charger

Application fields

    Unconventional loads on wheels
    Trailers, machinery and various wheeled objects
    Special industrial processes
    Heavy duty trailer industry
    Industrial automation processes
    Heavy construction mechanics
    Industrial shipbuilding
    Nautical construction and sea services
    Aerospace industry
    Automotive industry
    Railway industry
    Wind industry
    Chemical, textile, glass and paper industry
    Steel industry and metal carpentry
    Plastic and metal extrusion industry
    Production and assembly

    Loads on unconventional wheels
    Trailers, machinery and various wheeled vehicles
    Camping caravan handling
    Towing caravan garages
    Shipbuilding and industrial yard
    Shipbuilding of services to the sea
    Boats Storage
    Hauling boat for towing trolleys and boats


  • The most compact

  • The easiest to handle

  • The most powerful

  • Can be used on different surfaces

  • Suitable for working in narrow spaces

  • Maximum safety

  • Efficient handling

  • Cost reduction

  • Maximises investment

  • High quality

  • Zero emissions

  • Silent

  • Radio control

  • Made in Italy

  • License registered


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