Give me a lever and I shall move the world for you

Archimedes, 287 B.C.

This is the principle that inspired us to build the Robik system, a solution able to lift and tow heavy weights, also thanks to the application of modern technology.

Our contribution consisted of combining what the history of technology has handed down to us with the know-how offered by current technology and the many requests we have patiently collected from the various industrial production sectors, where there is a growing need to solve the problems related to the handling of non-conventional, often non-standard products and loads in areas used for production processes.

These needs arise above all when loads are heavy and bulky and it is necessary to operate in very small areas, where processes also need to be fast and customised: this requires a solution that is above all powerful, flexible and modular, while at the same time guaranteeing maximum safety for the operator. These, in short, are the demands we perceived: a significant challenge, but one we decided to rise to, responding with enthusiasm and hard work. This led to the creation of the SATES Electric Handling division, which has played a key role in devising and developing a new generation of electric tugs, lifters, pushers and tows that are compact, easy to handle and very powerful:
Robik Q line and Robik Electric Crawler line.

VISION: Our aim is to be the go-to for our customers, who see Sates Electric Handling as an innovative company that selects and presents the best solutions, thus allowing the company to grow and making it a leading manufacturer of top-of-the range electric tugs

MISSION: To create added value with our professional consulting services and technological advice


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