The principle

Currently, many companies on the industrial scene that have a Manufacturing Engineering and Operation Management division are engaged in restructuring to improve goods and materials handling processes and reduce critical issues. Thus is where our Robik electric tugs come in.

Robik products set new standards and boast multiple strengths: on the one hand, their compact structure, with a special, appealing design, and on the other, an amazing lifting strength of 3.000 to 12.000 kg.

Robik Q Line

Robik Q are innovative electric handlings endowed with a compact and elegant design and an surprisingingly strength that moves up from 3.000 to 13.000 Kg.

Robik Q are available with a guide with rudder (correct vaulted rudder) or with remote radio control that maximizes the operator’s 360 ° view of the area where the loads are handled, thus increasing safety.

When positioning the loads, the Robik lifts and moves the load vertically to the ideal position for maximum traction. The load to be transported is thus positioned on the top but behind the front drive axle.

Thanks to this principle, we have been able to reduce the total length of the Robik, making it particularly easy to handle, but with an impressive load capacity, improving stability and reducing the dimensions and weight of the machine using counterweights.

Also designed as a shuttle/locomotive for towing wheeled objects.

Robik Electric Crawler Line

An absolute innovative product in the Robik line, the Robik Crawler M is an electric tracked transporter designed to move and track loads in uneven areas.

Fueled by powerful and highly efficient electric engines, Robik Crawler M is the new innovative solution in the Heavy Material Handling field.

Available in two different versions, one with radio-controlled driving and one with remote control via joystick, Robik Crawler M has been designed as a track electric dock leveler, in order to move trolleys, wagons or wheeled on uneven and irregular areas inside or outside of industrial and logistics areas, shipyards, garages, docks, bathing beaches or other where the land is often treacherous such as floor grates, dirt roads, sand and mud.

A very important milestone for Sates, that not only has widened its line of electric handlers with a surprisingly powerful electric mover and pusher, but has also designed Robik Crawler M with a green philosophy in mind, open to renewable energies.

Robik Crawler M singles itself out to be a silent machine with zero emissions and designed to meet the most stringent restrictions on environmental regulations.

Quality and sustainability

Robik products are CE certified and feature outstanding, advanced components, attention to design and attention to detail. Quality, safety and reliability are core values for Sates Electric Handling.

Made in Italy

Products are studied, designed and developed entirely in Padua, Italy, by a qualified, specialised team, to ensure total control of the process and industrialisation of ROBIK.
During the design phase, any stress and critical issues due to use in particularly challenging conditions was also taken into account. Special load-bearing capacity and stress tests were then carried out on the materials to verify their resistance and durability even in particularly challenging conditions.
For this reason, we included the best solutions offered by modern mechanical and electronic technology at the development phase, and used only quality materials, leading to the creation of the two lines Robik Q and Robik Crawler.


Our suppliers have been carefully selected with the aim of guaranteeing maximum reliability for our products. Furthermore, these partners were sourced based on a number of requirements considered essential for sustainability, such as location in Italy to bring value to the area, and within a radius of less than 100 km from our headquarters to reduce the impact on traffic and pollution, as well as the use of modern, quality production processes to reduce waste.
Robik products are CE certified and feature outstanding, advanced components, attention to design and attention to detail. Quality, safety and reliability are core values for Sates Electric Handling.

General characteristics

  • Power supply 24V dc

  • CE certification

  • Patent filed

  • Steel frame, polyester powder coating

  • Colour Anthracite grey and orange

  • Radio control

  • Max. forward/reverse speed 3km/h

  • Trailer hitch on request

  • External battery charger

Application fields

    Unconventional loads on wheels
    Trailers, machinery and various wheeled objects
    Special industrial processes
    Heavy duty trailer industry
    Industrial automation processes
    Heavy construction mechanics
    Industrial shipbuilding
    Nautical construction and sea services
    Aerospace industry
    Automotive industry
    Railway industry
    Wind industry
    Chemical, textile, glass and paper industry
    Steel industry and metal carpentry
    Plastic and metal extrusion industry
    Production and assembly

    Loads on unconventional wheels, trailers, machinery and various trailers

    Caravan handling camping
    Caravan towing garages

    Docks, garages, boat hauling for towing trolleys for boats

    Handling of towing pedal boats on the sand
    Handling of towing boats and vehicles for Street Food
    Food Truck

    Transport of materials in uneven and sloping terrain

    Electric Dumper, material transport on rough terrain


  • The most compact

  • The easiest to handle

  • The most powerful

  • Can be used on different surfaces

  • Suitable for working in narrow spaces

  • Maximum safety

  • Efficient handling

  • Cost reduction

  • Maximises investment

  • High quality

  • Radio control

  • Made in Italy

  • Patent filed






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