Train wagon handling equipment

ROBIK in the Railway Sector handling train wagon

The Robik electric handler is also suitable for moving wagons along the tracks, both in the area used for wagon maintenance operations and in the production area of wagons.
Compact but powerful Robik boasts a surprising towing force: in this case, thanks to the absence of friction and the presence of iron wheels, Robik Q30 was able to tow a wagon and also the locomotive attached to it for a total weight of about 80 ton.

The main feature that distinguishes Robik is the ability to lift the load thus becoming a body one with the same.

When positioning the loads, the Robik Q lifts and moves the load vertically to the ideal position for maximum traction. The load to be transported is thus positioned on the top but behind the front drive axle. This way there is no need for ballast or large dimensions of the Robik.

Thanks to this principle, we have been able to reduce the total length of the Robik, making it particularly easy to handle, but with an impressive load capacity.