Refrigeration sector handling chiller

Robik compact but powerful solution solves material handling criticalities also in the refrigeration sector

Today, many companies in the industrial sector and beyond are engaged in restructuring and improving the processes of handling goods, materials and products. Refrigeration is among them. In particular, there is a growing need to solve critical issues in material handling of unconventional, non-standard, heavy and bulky loads in areas used for often very restricted production processes, which must also be fast and / or customized. These contexts require a flexible, modular and powerful solution that is able at the same time to guarantee the safety of the operators. This is where Robik electro-handlers find their place. This brand characterizes a new line of handling solutions created by Sates, a company with over 20 years of experience in energy storage for the industry.
Robik is a unique handling solution that sets new standards and multiple strengths: on the one hand it boasts a compact structure with a special and attractive design, on the other it has an amazing lifting force from 3,000 to 12,000 kg.
The most interesting and innovative technological aspects that distinguish this product from what is on the market is that it provides a compact and at the same time powerful and manageable solution for handling bulky and heavy loads.
CE certified and totally made in Italy, the handlers stand out for their attention to design, as well as a solid and compact structure of small dimensions that guarantee a low impact within the production processes and that allow the machine itself to position itself under the load. to be handled using the load itself as a counterweight.
As explained by Mr. Luca Salvò, general manager of Sates, «in recent years we have been contacted by some Italian companies that produce industrial refrigeration systems that have found in Robik the answer to these new needs. The scenario we faced was always the same: narrow production areas and an increase in the size and weight of the product ».

Refrigeration sector handling chiller

Robik moves the Clivet chillers.

A recent application case concerned Clivet. The company needed to move its SPINchiller4 water chillers with dimensions ranging from 4 to 13 m and weight with a range of approximately 6 to 12 tons depending on the model. These systems had to be moved from the production area to the test area, also requiring complex rotation maneuvers to be carried out in tight points of the plant and then taken to the storage area. In detail, the refrigeration system had to exit the production chain, make a rotation movement of about 90 °, enter the test area, exit also in reverse and then finally be moved to the storage / loading area.

“The time taken for this process, without considering the necessary stops, was thus considerably reduced, favoring the optimization of logistics costs and also the costs of personnel employment – Mr Luca Salvò specifies – Handling these products with the usual equipment in fact increased the risks for the product itself, as well as the safety of the operators present in the area, thus requiring the use of more personnel to supervise the operations!”. The Robik system has also overcome this problem, thanks to the use of radio control which guarantees the operator a 360 ° field of view, as well as maximum control over maneuvers.