Electric crawler transporter

Robik Crawler M: innovative electric crawler for the nautical and industrial sector

After 3 years of tests in soils such as sand, as well as redesigns and improvements, SATES gives birth in 2022 the mini electric tracked transporter: Robik Crawler M totally MADE IN ITALY.
Robik Crawler M is the new electric handling solution, in dual version with radio-controlled guide or with joystick, developed as a Multi utility with tracked electric loading platform, for the handling and transport of materials in difficult areas, inside or outside. exterior of industrial areas, shipyards, garages, docks, bathing beaches or other where the land or surfaces are treacherous, dirt, sand and mud.

An important strategic step for the company that has not only expanded its range of electric movers, but has also designed Robik Crawler M with a Green philosophy, open to the world of renewable energy.
A silent, zero-emission machine designed to meet the strictest restrictions on the environmental standards of construction sites, seaside resorts or urban centers.
Robik Lizard M is multifunctional, it can be used as:
TOW TRACTOR (electric tractor): its special structure gives a large towing capacity of about 10 tons. It also does not exceed 80 cm in width, an indispensable condition for passing through the doors.
DUMPER TRANSPORTER: it can carry a maximum load of about 450 kg on the top, since it can vary according to the presence or absence of slopes.